A Whole New World

Hi everyone!

Today is Friday October 17, and I am once again writing in the Caminante office regarding my experiences since my previous blog post. My dear readers, I must apologize for the sparsity of information from this end- I had promised myself before I stepped on that plane in Atlanta that I would take time to soak it all in before attempting to make sense of it all. Here is me writing an attempt at encapsulating what must be one of the most wonderful environments I could have possibly landed upon.

There’s a certain peace to living here: The power goes out and the water stops working- the bus is “late” or the meeting starts an hour later than it was supposed to- but no one minds. We just keep moving because tomorrow the Sun will rise and it will still be 88 degrees and the kids will still need our help.

Life goes on here at whatever pace you take it.

Since my previous blog post on the 30th of September, I have spent my days slowly getting to know all the different communities in which Caminante works. Each day is a joy because I feel loved and embraced by the community I have joined. I have begun to learn the names of my neighbors and the local kids that greet me. Each has a story about Caminante and how this non-profit has embraced Boca Chica.

My role here is still being defined as I end my third week. A potential clue as to my future probably stems from my recent visits to several schools in the Boca Chica area. Another Caminante volunteer named Julito and myself have begun to consistently visit a class in a rural community called Gautier. We visit this classroom every Tuesday and have begun to establish a rapport with the children in the classroom.

In addition, my role here is that of a guide for the incoming groups from the United States. I welcome the groups at the airport, provide context regarding Boca Chica and the surrounding environs, and I operate as a present resource for whatever needs might arise. I just completed an entire week (October 9-15) with a group from Oklahoma. I think it is safe to speak for the group and myself when I say that we will never be the same. This place changes you for the better in ways that are impossible to describe in English or Spanish.

I am going to try and begin posting daily now due to a backlog of information that I wish to share with you all. Three weeks without information means that I have a fair bit to share, and you all have been incredibly patient!

PS: A slight correction to my previous blog post is that my Spanish teacher is actually everyone. I’ve been learning from absolutely every person that I’ve encountered. I have been assigned an actual Professor as well- her name is Lisa and she’s very nice. We’re going to be having our classes every Monday and Wednesday in the Caminante office’s side annex with actual chalk and a chalkboard.

PSS: The streets just hum with activity from fruit sellers with carts to these small trucks with megaphones on top that blast fruit advertisements. Occasionally, you’ll see a flatbed truck that’s just all large speakers blasting advertisements for absolutely everything. The entire apartment shakes when they pass by.

PSSS: If you’ve never had fresh passion fruit (called Chinola in Spanish) please try and find some when you can. It is the nectar of the gods.


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