Hola a todos! Hello Everyone!

Hi everybody! Henry here, today is Tuesday, September 30, 2014 and I’m writing my first post on this blog from the Caminante office in Boca Chica, DR. I’ve been here since Thursday afternoon so it is time to write. Please feel free to share this web page link with your friends and family. I plan to use this page to record my experiences and memories as we move forward on this journey.

This URL is https://steppingoutonfaithblog.wordpress.com

To recap what has happened since Thursday the 25th of September:

On Thursday Caminante staff picked me up at Las Americas Aeropuerto. They next brought me to a restaurant on the Caribbean Sea where I ate Arroz y Pollo (rice and chicken).  I got to see my apartment and meet my awesome roommate Andrew who is a cinematographer.

On Friday, we visited some of the many Caminante projects. I sat in on discussions on women’s health, Dominican identification policies, and human rights. I also met my assigned Spanish tutor: Helkin. Helkin (pronounced El-kin) teaches Spanish at a public high school in Andres. He is very patient and kind with me (he’s also like 6’5 which can be intimidating initially).

I’d like to finish with a story about Thursday that encapsulates the esprit de corps of Caminante. After I saw my apartment, we walked fifty yards to the main office of Caminante. The staff emerged from their offices to greet me and welcome me. I could tell immediately that this was a really tight knit group that loved each other immensely.The staff played off each other with ease and really fed off each other’s energy with a passion that only comes from time and love.  I am so honored to be a part of this non-profit here in Boca Chica!

I’m really happy to be here representing the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Division of Overseas Ministries as a Global Ministries Intern.

Please feel free to comment below with questions, spelling corrections, or other sundry tidbits.


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